Hey, DUDES (mem of Da Bears, D/Wolves, TV Girl, Kynan) released their first 7 song EP on their bandcamp today:

really hope you enjoy!
Asked by Anonymous

so i’ve officially listened to this album like four or five times, it’s pretty awesome. love the relaxed feel of it- this is a great summer album. thanks for the heads up anon…. though i must wonder… WHO ARE YOU and WHY are you anonymous?!? speak to me, i want more music suggestions. also you should check out the other bands listed!

ninja edit: especially TV Girl, http://tvgirl.bandcamp.com/album/tv-girl-ep i freaking love it! :) i know ive posted TV Girl before, but listening to it again made me groove and lifted my spirits (as if they could get any higher today!) fucking love music guise! now go listen to awesome stuff and send me messages of love and music and awesomeness!