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25 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names

22. Petrichor

The it smells outside after rain.

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Google: Online Music Service


Google Inc. is preparing as early as Tuesday to unveil a new online music service similar to a service recently launched by Inc., according to people familiar with the matter, a move that escalates the battle to create the next generation of Internet businesses for storing and listening to music.

Google, like Amazon, hasn’t sought licenses from the four major recorded-music companies, according to these people, and is likely to include a system that functions much like a remote hard drive.

The Impossibility of Hanging Out Sober

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Things That Make People Sad « Thought Catalog

Listening to certain songs makes us sad. And when we’re depressed, we put on a playlist that’s titled “Kill me!” so we can feel more depressed? Funny system we got going there. We listen to songs that remind us of certain people and maybe we cry. A song by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers could be really uplifting and fun, but it reminds of a fun and uplifting day we can never get back again. So there we are. Crying to rock and roll. Music is so damn powerful.

Getting flaked on by your friends is so sad. You have this excitement building about your fun-filled social day and then it gets ripped away from you by a single text that says, “I’m sorry. Don’t h8 me. Gonna have to reschedule!” And as you’re choking back tears you write back, “No prob babe!”

Drinking makes some people sad. They have a bad day so they drink to feel better. Smash cut: All of their horrible feelings being amplified times ten and causing them to cry into their drink. Oh my god, you’ve become a cliche sad drunk. Oh my god, you’re an adult?

Joanna Newsom to Release “What We Have Known” Single


Drag City announced today that “What We Have Known,” a 6-minute, 2004-era recording that was originally released as a B-side to Joanna Newsom’s Milk-Eyed Mender “Sprout and the Bean” will arrive as a vinyl 12” single on July 19. Described as having a “halfway to Ys vibe,” the record will be backed with an etching by artist Becca Mann, who also designed the cover art shown above. You can stream a preview of the tune on its official pre-order page now and hear the full song in a live context via Newsom’s 2007 performance at the Paradiso in Amsterdam below:

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Akira Adaptation - well fuck

So I Lied « Thought Catalog


i’m so terrified of when i have to go through this. my grandmother still takes care of her mother - who recently turned 102 i might add. now gramma is showing signs of being forgetful and holding on to precious memories.

maybe sometime i will share with you guys the story of how my gramma and grampa got married. makes me tear up every time. i think it’s the most romantic real-life love story i’ve ever heard.